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Atlanta Gallifreyans meeting, Jan. 16, 2010 (Saturday)

Since this may be the coldest meeting of the year, if you have a 1st Doctor or 4th Doctor scarf or a Romana II or Rose Boomtown scarf, wear it to show your support. :)

We're meeting on Saturday, the 16th, at the Doraville (GA) Civic Center, just south of the Buford Highway intersection with I-285, just north of Atlanta, GA, USA.

Info about the schedule and more can be found under the cut! We're starting our viewing of S2 of SJA. :)

Directions can be found on the club's website:

As always, please bring food and non-alcohol drinks to share if you can. I will bring a small coffee-maker and a pot for hot water for tea. Please bring your own mugs! I have regular coffee and tea bags, pumpkin spice creamer, and sugar. If you want or need anything special in the way of coffee or tea fixings, please bring them along. If you use a sugar substitute, please bring that, as well. :) Anyone want to bring milk or cream for the tea and coffee? Hot chocolate would not come amiss, either. :)

Here's the schedule:

4:30 Arrival and set-up

5:00 Announcements: Gallifrey One, Evening with the Brig, TimeGate

5:15: SJA: S2: The Last Sontaran parts one and two

6:15 Break

6:30 New Who: The Tenth Doctor: The End of Time part one

7:30 Break

7:45 New Who: The End of Time part two

9:00 Break

9:15 Classic Cliffhanger OR Lost Eppie OR open-ended for discussion about TEoT :)

10ish Clean-up and departure

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